Franken DAO
Beginner's Guide to Voting
So you want to vote... learn how here!
Behind submitting proposals, voting is the next vital element of a functioning DAO. This page will go through how voting works and the process you need to follow to make your voice heard.

Part 1 - Purchase & Stake

To participate in any level of the Franken DAO, you must own a Genesis FrankenPunk. They can be purchased off of our official Opensea collection page. Once you have done that, you will need to stake this FrankenPunk to our DAO staking contract. This contract is non-custodial, so you will still retain custody of your FrankenPunk!
To curate and protect our DAO membership, we will be instituting a "staking window". This means that holders will only be allowed to stake their FrankenPunks on Sunday from 12:00am CST - 11:59pm CST.
Any holder may join the DAO, the window will be open every week. Once you stake yours, you do not need to do it again.

Part 2 - Voting Power

Each FP that you have staked into the DAO staking contract earns you one VP. That VP can be used in a non-exclusive manner between the "heat-check" votes, and final governance votes.
For the initial Discourse forum, each wallet can only upvote a proposal once.
Essentially, in any snapshot vote, you are entitled to one VP per FP.

Part 3 - Upvoting and Commenting on Discourse Proposals

Coming Soon...

Part 4 - Voting in a "Heat Check" Snapshot Vote

Coming Soon...

Part 5 - Voting in a Final Governance Snapshot Vote

Coming Soon...
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