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Reputation Score (V2)
A "reputation score" is representative of a Franken DAO member's positive impact on the DAO. The higher the score, the more positive impact they have.
The act of rewarding an individual member's positive impact on the DAO creates a cycle that betters the DAO the longer it lasts. As the saying goes, "the cream rises to the top." This is no different with members of a DAO, there are some members who research, discuss, and work hard to improve the DAO's standing and others that do not. We want to reward the members that do the former.
There are two main factors that contribute to a member's reputation score: activity and track record.

Implementation (V2)

  • For activity, we want to reward individuals who post proposals, give feedback on colleagues' proposals, vote regularly, show up to DAO-wide meetings, and so on. This will take the form of an "activity score".
  • For track record, we want to record and reward individuals who support proposals that have been proven to improve the DAO's standing or better the collection. We will compare snapshots of the following indicators: floor price, monthly volume, # of holders, # of listings, and revenue generated for the project. We will compare snapshots between the date the proposal passed and one-month intervals.
(Track Record Score / 2 / 100) + (Activity Score / 2 / 100) = Reputation Score


The better your impact on the DAO, the more power you have to influence its direction.
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Implementation (V2)