Community and Vault
Our Commitment to a Positive Ecosystem

Punksville Community

We are a community of NFT collectors, traders, creators, artists, writers, and more. We are an inclusive community that can be a home for anyone brand new or experienced in the NFT space!
Our Discord and Twitter are the home of our community.
Come join us, it may be just what you're looking for.

Discord Reward System (DR'S)

We will continue to grow and support our Punksville community through further engagements such as our Discord Reward System (DRS), Weekly live streams, Alpha group (which includes live NFT portfolio trading and content), and generally being an awesome place to hang out.
In regards to DRS, we have spent a lot of time thinking about how to track, reward, and recognize awesome behavior and actions in our community! We went through a few iterations to ensure that this system is as fair and as impartial as possible. If you're doing awesome things, you'll be recognized and rewarded!
You can be rewarded through submitting art, creating memes, showing up to gaming events, showing up to live streams, participating in the VC chat, and much more...
We have a category in our Discord dedicated to the Reward System, so once you enter, please take a moment to check it out.
We are giving away over 200k $WRLD tokens over the next 3 months to members that participate. Happy Hunting!

Community Treasury

From the very start, we have taken to heart the term “community contribution”. So much in fact, that we took well over 60% of over initial mint proceeds and have put it in the community’s hands.
We deposited 850 ETH from our mint into the Community Treasury and also, purchased 4 “Yuga Labs” CryptoPunks. These funds are in community control, and we allow the community to mostly drive decisions that happen with this wallet.
This treasury is a staple of the FrankenPunks brand and community. On the next page, we will go over how we govern that wallet and how community members can take advantage of the funds that are there.
Here is a link to the current community vault total -> https://app.3dfrankenpunks.com/