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The Punksville Metaverse
The long-awaited adventure begins with the creation and implementation of the “Punksville” universe, Dr. ETHvil’s home in the metaverse. Punksville has been reimagined inside of the NFT World platform; a fully functioning, pliable ecosystem with a polygon transaction layer. This allows us to generate games with real rewards, quests that also give real rewards, create marketplaces, land plots, and more. This is a beautiful “sandbox” through which we hope to build out a metaverse ecosystem that our holders can use and see benefit from.

V.1 Punksville will consist of the following game mechanics:

Punksville Commons

The main server lobby of Punksville and home to the FrankenTower. This will be used to host events, complete simple onboarding quests, and get to know the mechanics of the metaverse. Our mechanics were specifically made with new players in mind. (Tutorials, guides, and how-to’s will be easily available for everyone)
Our first Quest “Get to know the Doc”, will take place in our Punksville common area and be easily accessible to any 3DFP user who spawns in Punksville.

Daily Events with Rewards

We will be hosting daily minigames for both non-holders and holders to play, earn, and wager if they’d like. Games will be sorted by skill level, as to avoid certain players unfairly dominating certain game modes.
The Daily Games have 3 tiers:
  1. 1.
    Free to Play
  2. 2.
    Small Pot
  3. 3.
    High Roller
The first game popularized in Punksville will be our own evil version of “BedWars”. BedWars is a teamwork PVP game, you will be battling your friends and enemies on a map set in the sky. The goal is to protect your bed (homebase) while trying to destroy your opponents' bed which prevents them from respawning. The last player standing wins the game.
I know what you’re probably thinking… I don’t know how to play this, I’m probably not good enough. Slow your horses! You will be playing versus people with your experience and skill AND tutorials, walk-throughs and how-to’s will be readily available for you to understand how to play. Making this available for all ranges of skills and experience is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO US.

The Evil Tournament

This will be a holders-only event that features a 50x $WRLD prize pool and the chance to team up with popular influencers and partners to play.
This is your chance to rub shoulders with a few popular influencers and potentially earn massive rewards.
The rollout of our Punksville metaverse will continuously grow as more NFT Worlds players come online and we begin to integrate and partner with other projects in the WRLD ecosystem.
This is our first iteration and not our last! We’re excited for you to experience it.