3D FrankenPunks
Where to Spend $WRLD
So now you're a $WRLD whale... you've been slaying friends and enemies alike in the match arena, staking your FPs, completing quests and earning tons of the $WRLD utility token. But, where do you spend it?
Welcome to the Punksville Marketplace...

Where to Spend $WRLD

  1. 1.
    Custom 3DFP Merch only available for $WRLD holders
    • We are creating FrankenPunk merchandise only available to our FP holders using their $WRLD token.
  2. 2.
    Custom 3D Art by 3D Punks
    • 3D Punks is an NFT-renowned graphic artist. He will be creating a few special, 1/1 NFTs that can be bought by our holders with $WRLD token. He will also be offering a few special prizes as well.
  3. 3.
    Custom Avatars/gear (v.2)
    • As our metaverse progresses, we will be offering ways for you to upgrade your in-game avatar, change its appearance, and have a few special surprises.
  4. 4.
    Dr. ETHvilโ€™s Acid Vial (special upcoming NFT)
    • There will be an acid vial for purchase through our marketplace. The utility of this acid vial will not be released yet, although we will allow our members to purchase it with their $WRLD token.
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