Franken DAO
The Punksville Ecosystem
Everything under Dr. ETHvil's domain is currently referred to as the "Punksville Ecosystem". The ecosystem is made up of the profile picture (PFP) collection, treasury, CryptoPunks, content, and community.
Each plays a vital role in the success of the 3D FrankenPunks collection.
As it stands, the ecosystem can be divided into two main sections: 3D FrankenPunks PFP and the Franken DAO.

3D FrankenPunks Genesis PFP

The 3D FrankenPunks PFP is the 10,000 NFT collection that grants holders a range of access and utility. It is made up of over 110+ meticulously crafted traits and different body types, and pays homage to the original CryptoPunk collection.
The genesis PFP gets you access to our discord, invites to our metaverse and IRL community events, and partial ownership of 4 CryptoPunks (chosen by the community).
Owning a FrankenPunk also grants you access to the FrankenDAO - a treasury with over $1 million in assets (as of writing this). The level of governance an individual member receives is based on the amount of FrankenPunks they own and the rarity of each, granting them more or less governance as a result.

Franken DAO

The Franken DAO is owned and operated by the FrankenPunk holders.
The mission of the FrankenDAO is to create value for FrankenPunk holders through the ownership of our CryptoPunks and their IP, the utility of one's FrankenPunk, and by giving community members the launch pad to create their own products that benefit the FrankenPunk brand, holders, and the broader Web3 community.
The goal is to create something known as the "virtuous cycle". The virtuous cycle is one in which its components build off of each other. When separate, the FrankenPunks and the DAO are nothing special, however together, they create a community of governance and a system of ownership rarely seen in the Web3 space. (Revised off of the Nouns DAO 'virtuous' cycle)
By creating this virtuous cycle and using DAO funds to expand the reach of the FrankenPunk brand, the holders are the ones that benefit.
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3D FrankenPunks Genesis PFP
Franken DAO