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The story of Punksville began in October 2021 with a broad vision to change the way NFT projects are managed and operated. After seeing our fair share of cash grabs and rug pulls, we knew that the NFT community deserved something better - a project focused on governance, transparency, and community contribution. Thus FrankenPunks was born.

From humble beginnings, the message of Dr. ETHvil began to spread like wildfire across the NFT space. The idea of owning CryptoPunks, maintaining a community managed treasury, and governing resources as a community resonated deeply with many other collectors.

Over the months following a successful mint, Dr. ETHvil began to enact his vision for a fully decentralized project, however, distractions were abound. Quite possibly the biggest distraction of them all was Dr. ETHvil's affinity for a play-to-earn game. A game that was set to bring him and his followers into the metaverse and offer quite a robust reward system to his loyal subjects.

However, Microsoft had other plans. Dr. ETHvil's play-to-earn vision came to a screeching halt only weeks from launching. (A strong learning lesson to never rely on Web2 companies for your Web3 ideas)

The sudden shift brought the project to a crossroads, continue on with the game or return to our roots...

We chose to return to our roots. Fulfill the vision this project had from the start. Decentralize the assets, allow holders to have more power, and run the project together.

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