Franken DAO
Executing Proposals
Proposing a great idea is one thing, executing it is something else entirely. In the Franken DAO, we put a large emphasis on execution and will incentivize our members who help with this.
Executing exceptional proposals is the finishing leg of the Franken DAO. With over $1.3 million in assets (at the time of writing this), there are a lot of developments, products, and 'damage' we can do.
Proposers WILL be expected to lead the execution of the proposal itself. There will be committee members here to guide all prospective and [victorious] proposers.
^^ This is very important. ^^

Part 1 - Assets Locked in DAO Vault

All assets will be transferred to a DAO vault which is owned by the 'proposal contract' and by voting the community directs the assets in the vault. This means that if a successful proposal is passed, the funds will be immediately transferred to the recipient for execution in a trustless way.
Not even the team has access to pull funds, all funds will be controlled by the holders through the DAO voting system.

Part 2 - Prospective Proposal is Passed & Execution Command Added

A proposal passes the Discourse step, "heat check" phase, and "final governance" phase. During the "final governance" phase, in order to submit a final proposal, you must add an execution command. This execution command directs what the DAO contract will do if/when the proposal passes.
Example Command: Send 30ETH to 0xa7cD90686D07d04b9e3D2942813f36cEbBb5E4DA.
If the proposal is passed, the DAO contract will execute the command.

Part 3 - Project Manager is Assigned to Passed Proposal

The project manager position is a paid position held by a FrankenPunk holder who aids in the execution of the proposal. On one hand, it is to ensure that we reduce any attempts to scam or misuse funds, on the other, it is there to be an extra pair of eyes, sounding board, and assistant in the execution of a passed proposal.
We believe this will improve the efficiency of every proposal passed.

Part 4 - Proposal Execution Process Begins

The proposal comes to life and weekly updates are given to the community on the progress of a passed proposal.


TL;DR - Proposal is passed, funds are trustlessly sent to the proposer, the proposer and project manager work together to begin the proposal to life.
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