Voting Power Example

Full Example of how VP is calculated

Voting Power Calculations

This document will outline how your voting power is calculated and how it will change based on the voting multipliers. As a member of the FrankenDAO community, you have a say in how participation is rewarded by voting on and controlling the voting multipliers. These multipliers will give certain types of participation more or less 'weight' in everyone's voting power. The thing that is most rewarded in the system though is participation: the number of FrankenPunks you stake, the number of times you vote, etc.

The rest of this document will explain how the individual pieces of your voting power are calculated.

Voting Power

Your total voting power is based on two things: your token scores and your community score. These two values combined give you your total voting power.

These two values are controlled by actions you take in the DAO, such as staking a FrankenPunk or voting on a proposal. The voting multipliers 'weight' these actions, increasing their value. So, if you assume that all weights are set to 1 (i.e. no actions are given extra weight), the way to increase your voting power are to:

  1. Stake FrankenPunks in the DAO. FrankenPunks with higher Evil Scores are given more voting power.

  2. Vote on proposals

  3. Create proposals

  4. Have a proposal that passes

The first action determines your VP from tokens (token score). Actions 2 through 4 determine your community score.

Token Score

The value of your token score (or voting power from the FrankenPunks you own) is based on the number of tokens you have staked, the Evil Score of your staked tokens, and the staking bonus applied based on how long you commit your tokens for.

Each staked FrankenPunk gives a DAO member a base of 20 voting power. Staking a FrankenPunk with a higher Evil Score will provide a bonus on top of that base of 20 points though. The exact formula is:

((baseVotes * multipler) / 100) + stakedTimeBonus + evilBonus

A possible scenario:

Let's say you were to stake FrankenPunk #4701.

If you staked the token with no stake time bonus, then you could expect to have a base voting power of 21.13035.

Now, let's say you stake the same token for four weeks and earn the stake time bonus:

Now your voting power for the same token is 41.13035.

The stake time bonus is linear across the staking window. So if the stake window is 4 weeks and the bonus is 20 VP, staking a token for 2 weeks would earn you 10 VP (or half the total possible staking bonus).

Community Score

Your total community score is based on how much you participate in the DAO. More participation is rewarded. The three ways to increase your voting power here are to:

  1. Vote on proposals

  2. Create and submit proposals

  3. Have a proposal pass

Each of these actions is then subject to a community score multiplier. The default multipliers are:


Let's say you've participated actively over the last three months and have voted on 15 proposals. You've also submitted 2 proposals of your own, 1 of which did pass and one of which did not. Your scores would then be:

Your total community score voting power would then be: 21.

All Together

Let's say you hold tokens #2146, #6707, and #2671 and stake all three for the max staking bonus (4 weeks, for 20 bonus for each token). Let's also say you've actively participated and have voted on 15 proposals, submitted 2 of your own, and had 1 of them pass.

This is how you token voting power would break down:

Your total token voting power is: 125.09602

This is how your community score would break down:

Your total community voting power would be: 21

Your total voting power is the combination of these two, which would be 146.09602.

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