Important concepts used frequently thought this whitepaper

Staking - Process of locking up your 3DFP or 3DFM to earn Voting Power in the DAO.

Voting Power (VP) - Voting power is your FrankenPunk(s) and wallet's power within the Franken DAO. Each FrankenPunk starts out with between 1-1.5 VP (depending on their evil score). In future models of the DAO, your voting power will be affected by your participation and positive impact on the DAO and its members, known as your reputation score.

FrankenPunk (FP) - The FrankenPunk is the NFT that this collection was founded around. It is your ticket into the Franken DAO and ticket into the community.

3D FrankenMonster (3DFM) - FrankenMonster NFTs is a secondary collection consisting of 10010 full 3D rigged NFTs. Holders will receive their full 3d files for IP use as well as voting power in the DAO.

Quorum - A quorum is the necessary voting amount required to pass a proposal. If the voting total does not reach the "quorum" it means not enough members have participated. The vote would then fail.

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