The Punksville Ecosystem

FrankenDAO, 3DFPs & 3DFMs

Everything under Dr. ETHvil's domain is currently referred to as the "Punksville Ecosystem". The ecosystem is made up of the genesis profile picture (PFP) collection, 3D NFT Monster sidekicks, treasury, CryptoPunks, content, and community.

Each plays a vital role in the success of the 3D FrankenPunks collection.

As it stands, the ecosystem can be divided into three main sections: Franken DAO, 3D FrankenPunks PFP, and the 3D FrankenMonsters NFTs.

Franken DAO

The Franken DAO was designed and launched by the FrankenPunk Core Team. The smart contracts of Franken DAO were developed by Solidity Guild.

North Star Vision

Our main goal as a community is to establish the Franken DAO as the largest community-managed collection of CryptoPunks. We are committed to furthering the proliferation of Punks and Punk culture and look to be responsible stewards of CryptoPunks and to create opportunities and experiences for FrankenPunk holders through DAO governance.

The Mission

Our mission is to Incubate community ideas to generate growth for the DAO. Protect CryptoPunk provenance and educate/grow Punk legacy. Experiment with radical community involvement through on chain governance.

Core Values

  • Transparency and ownership of decisions within the FrankenPunks Community

  • Responsible Stewards of CryptoPunks IP and the DAO Treasury

  • Empower creators to grow alongside the FrankenPunks Community

  • Create and propose new Community initiatives

  • Partner and Promote with communities who share our values

  • Positively shape the broader web3.0 community

  • Treat one another with respect and integrity

3D FrankenPunks Genesis PFP

The 3D FrankenPunks PFP is the 10,000 NFT collection that grants holders a range of access and utility. It is made up of over 110+ meticulously crafted traits and different body types, and pays homage to the original CryptoPunk collection.

The genesis PFP gets you access to our discord, invites to our metaverse and IRL community events, and partial ownership of 4 CryptoPunks (chosen by the community).

Holding a FrankenPunk grants you access to the Franken DAO. The level of governance an individual member receives is based on the amount of FrankenPunks they own and the rarity of each.

3D FrankenMonster NFTs

The 3D FrankenMonsters NFTs is a collection of 10,010 monster sidekicks airdropped to all holders. These monsters are full 3D assets that can be viewed and interacted with in your browser and will also come with full 3d files to edit and animate.

Holding a FrankenMonster also grants you access to the Franken DAO and will grant you 1/2 voting power of genesis FrankenPunks.

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