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Voting Power
Voting Power is an equation where we look at your Franken holdings + your "reputation score" and determine how much "voting power" your wallet has.
Voting power is an important concept in any DAO's formation. How much power does each member possess? How is that power determined - through their holdings? Does each person simply get a single vote? The answer is more nuanced than a simple yes or no.
In our view, voting comes down to two main factors: how many FrankenPunks do you own and how much of a positive impact have you had on the DAO? One is easy to measure, and the other... more complex.
Our voting power indicator will fully incorporate each of these factors and the goal is to have a system that will look something like this:
((FP Evil Score * .5 / 2) + (reputation score)) = Voting Power per FrankenPunk (VP)
This means that a variable voting power (VP) will be assigned to each FrankenPunk. Each wallet's VP will then be combined to form the wallet's total VP.

V1 Implementation

You will earn +1 Voting Power (VP) for every FrankenPunk (FP) that you own.
You can stake your FPs to earn more VP.
The more VP you have, the more impact/weight you have in the DAO.

V2 Implementation (if approved by community)

All the above will still apply but adding the following:
  • Based on your activity in the DAO (upvoting/downvoting proposals, voting, attending meetings, etc.), you then earn more VP.
  • Based on your track record in the DAO calculated off of the following indicators: floor price, monthly volume, # of holders, # of listings, and revenue generated for the project, you will earn or lose VP for your wallet.
An example of this is... we take a snapshot of the indicators listed above before a proposal you approved goes "live". Then each month on the same date we take a snapshot of the indicators again and change your voting power (VP) as a result. If the sum of the indicators goes up, you receive more voting power and vice versa.


If you own many FPs, and you are a positive influence on the DAO, we want you to have a large influence on the direction of the Franken DAO.
Voting power reflects that desire.
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V1 Implementation
V2 Implementation (if approved by community)