Franken DAO
DAO Committee

What is a Committee?

The Franken DAO will be implementing a committee to guide, oversee and assist DAO members as the DAO gets off the ground. This committee will be made up of team members, large FrankenPunk holders, and highly-active community members. The committee will be responsible for working with final stage proposers and project managers, and helping to set up the escrow gnosis-safes which are responsible for funding successful proposals.
Now there may be extreme cases where the DAO could be in harm by external forces, this committee can step in to protect the DAO.
However, by no means should this committee be misconstrued as a governing body or executive force, they are there to ensure that in the DAO's infancy, no scammers, malicious attacks, or attempts for bad actors to take governance control can happen.

What is the Purpose of the Committee?

  • Protect and spur growth within the DAO as it is started
  • Assist final stage proposers in earning funds from the DAO
  • Along with the project manager, ensure earned funds are being used properly
  • Release a quarterly report on the progress/state of the DAO
The purpose is to ensure that as the DAO gets started it acts in the best interests of the DAO members.

How can you Serve on the Committee?

The committee will be made up of 9 spots.
  • 3 for the current team
  • 3 appointed members
  • 3 elected members
The team will select which members will represent the team on the DAO and then appoint 3 members to join the committee. These can be community members or well-known figures in the NFT space who can add value to the FrankenDAO. The elected members will be done through a series of elections in the FrankenPunks Discord. The three members with the most votes at the end will serve on the committee.
There will also be a "committee president" who will be elected by the committee themselves.
Terms will be by quarters (3 months).
Committee meetings will happen every week and a docket list of the items talked about will be posted to the DAO members.
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What is a Committee?
What is the Purpose of the Committee?
How can you Serve on the Committee?