This whitepaper details the goals of the next 45-60 days for the 3D FrankenPunks collection. Released May 2022.

Dr. Ethvil Welcomes You!

My Whitepaper 2.0! Uh thank you, uh thank you very much.
And within these pages, what great secrets I have divulged! My first kingdom has been constructed - a fully-functional NFT World Build-out! An announced airdrop of $WRLD utility token to my loyal subjects! AND entertainment, along with future gaming utility! And lastly, a new interactive website has been released. Can you feel it, peasants? You should. I worked hard for this.
And because I am a generous dictator, let no creature, great or small, living or dead, say otherwise.


Dr. ETHvil and his 10,000 FrankenPunks were conceived as an evil experiment to carry out the wishes of the Doc. An experiment on governance and ownership. The dream was to set-up a massive community-governed wallet and purchase CryptoPunks for the community’s usage.
The project is a statement against the black-box decision-making that usually happens in NFT projects by “undoxxed” founders.
The experiment started from humble beginnings with a tight-knit group of community members in a closed discord. Slowly but surely, more and more collectors, artists, and contributors started seeing Dr. ETHvil’s vision and 3D FrankenPunks began to take shape and grow…

Here is a look a Doc’s personal journal:

Dr. ETHvil’s Log (October 26th):
I’m drunk. Need focus. Concoctions too mighty for humankind, but I’m close. Need a break. But I’m inspired. I’m Dr. Ethvil, after all. Perhaps I’ve tested too many acid vials on myself and tripping for no reason? I’m losing time, but what’s the rush? Oh, but there is rush. A rush for planetary domination. But how? Where can I test my vials? And on who? (smells breath). Damn… zombie butt. Wait, that’s it! I’ll wake up the dead. Or rather, dig up the dead and test my vials on them. Alas, I shall have my army of…FrankenPunks! Mwuhahahahaha! (burps)
Soon, I’ll be the talk of the town. Artwork of my creations will pervade the WORLD. I shall rule my community, no, I will utilize my community. We shall govern together! Nothing in existence has ever been so unique, so genius, so reciprocal. Word will spread like a forest fire. The evilest marketing campaign EVER!

Present Day

A new style of governance has come into existence. One for the community and by the community. With over 850ETH to spend, proposals are submitted weekly and voted on monthly, and impact the project in significant ways. While still in its infancy, the project moves to implement a sustainable governance model (Q2 2022).
The Franken team expands from 5 members to 10. Bringing on Community Managers, a Director of Content, an Alpha Group Lead and Partners with outstanding developers and writers.
Some highlights were… we sold out our mint and reached 5.0K ETH in volume over a week. We raised over 2000 ETH as a project, deposited over 850ETH in the Community Wallet, purchased 4 Cryptopunks for our Holders, and secured a runway of 15-18 months to build out utility and value for FrankenPunk holders.
Dr. ETHvil is an evil man, but not a dictator. After listening to feedback from the community, a new idea for utility started to form: preparing 3DFP to expand into the metaverse and create a new home for its members. The home that was decided on is NFT Worlds and Punksville’s metaverse world began to take shape.
Here is a look a Doc’s personal journal:
Dr. ETHvil’s Log (May 1st):
The people have spoken... And against my initial desire to drown them in an ocean of their own blood, I have agreed in part to their wishes. Yes, I can be pleasant. Once a year, for one very long and generous minute of my life. Take it while you can get it. For it is the evil in me that calibrates the universe to my will. For, you see, it is from the mewling of these peasants that a phoenix of brilliance has arisen to a height so high only a mind as great as mine could construct! Yes, a magnum opus the likes this world has never before seen...
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