3D FrankenPunks
Growing the $WRLD Ecosystem
Our goal is to allow other projects to take advantage of the NFT World ecosystem as well

NFT World's Creator Fund

We have adopted the NFT Worlds platform as our first official metaverse platform and have adopted their utility token $WRLD into our projectโ€™s ecosystem. We have seen many advantages through doing this and want to help other projects receive the benefits as well.
We would like to partner with other strong NFT World-based projects. We would like to help them create solid reward systems for their communities and also fund those reward systems. In return, we will ask for some branding opportunities in their community.
We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, so the more NFT World projects that succeed, the more users that will flow into the system, which will drive more projects to build there and on and onโ€ฆ We want to help this push happen.
To start with we will have a fund of 200k $WRLD token for use by other projects building out games through the NFT World ecosystem.
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