3D FrankenPunks
Whitepaper 2.0 Overview

The Evil Experiment

The unique position we hold as a strong community with significant resources is the ability to listen to community wishes and act quickly to produce the value they want. What started as a bootstrapped project based on the desire to experiment with governance and ownership is now entering its second phaseโ€ฆ
The second phase of the experiment is set up in 3 pillars:
  1. 1.
    Metaverse play economy focused on simplicity and ease of rewards.
  2. 2.
    Refreshed governance system focused on using community funds and helping members submit refined proposals.
  3. 3.
    Community-focused incentives and entertaining content directed at showcasing the FP community and bringing in new members.
From the very beginning, our goal with this project has been to harness the power of our community. We believe that as we build out each of these 3 pillars of the project and bring on more official partners, the Punksville community will continue to grow and benefit from the project. From there we are able to expand our collection and community to further Docโ€™s evil wishes.

Expanding into the NFT World Ecosystem...

NFT Worlds offers the most composable platform for both established and bootstrapped projects to launch ready-to-play metaverse communities. By adopting one of the most popular open-source game platforms (Minecraft), NFT Worlds has a built-in player base of over 100+ million active monthly gamers. This allows us to take steps towards transforming Punksville into more than just a collectibles project, but a gamified metaverse.
NFT Worlds offers a utility token called $WRLD. This $WRLD token will be vital for us as we grow out our holder reward system and create games, quests, and a marketplace inside the Punksville universe. To this end, we have decided to adopt the $WRLD token as the utility token for Punksville.
Over the last month, we have loosely worked with the NFT World's team, gotten their advice, and have expressed our desire to help them grow their project as well. Our collection is a verified project on NFT Worlds. The NFT World's team wants to reward projects who build on their platform. We have an opportunity to tap into a large distribution of $WRLD token from the NFT World project by creating a โ€œP2Eโ€ game inside their ecosystem.
They also have a very active member list of projects currently building out metaverses within their platform. These are projects we can partner with, collaborate with, and build with. This means that we have the chance to grow alongside other great projects. "A rising tide lifts all boats" is a phrase that we wholeheartedly believe in. This will be no different.
We encourage you to read their Roadmap 2.0 and check out the list of projects currently building on NFT Worlds. DYOR - NFA
For your convenience, we have listed a few NFT Worlds resources below.

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