Franken DAO
How does the Franken DAO compare to other DAOs?

Main Issues Plaguing other DAOs

We have identified issues with other DAOs and believe that they fall into three main problem categories:
  1. 1.
    Tragedy of Commons
  2. 2.
    Speculation regarding DAO Token Price
  3. 3.
    Internal Conflict / Corruption
To avoid these common pitfalls, we created the following mechanisms to push for consensus, restrict toxic actions, and execute proposals amongst DAO members.
  • Three-tiered governance
  • Gated Access
  • Rarity Voting Power
  • Proposal managers
  • Committee elections
We believe the DAO is unique in three main ways: gated access, project managers, and reputation score.
  • Gated access is vital for any DAO looking to pull off big projects. Every FrankenPunk holder will have the ability to join the Franken DAO, however, not every holder will participate in the Franken DAO, and honestly, not every holder should participate in the DAO - only the ones that have the time to engage, discuss, and execute proposals. This allows the DAO to operate more efficiently and quickly, reducing downtime between executing proposals. This will also reduce toxic, impulsive comments inside the Franken DAO and cultivate a committed group of members who work together. A DAO lives on its participation rate and its ability to move cohesively.
  • The next semi-unique aspect of the Franken DAO is our formation of project managers. Project managers are a group of DAO members who act as liaisons between the proposer and the DAO. Project managers will act as assistants to the proposer, help update the DAO community on progress, and ensure the project is moving along efficiently. Once proposals are passed, if decided by the community, funds can be held in some type of escrow to de-incentivize scammers/freeloaders (I.E. a Gnosis Wallet) where both the proposer and the project manager are signatories.
  • Next is the custom Franken DAO "reputation score". This is an item still underdevelopment and pending community approval. One's reputation score is derived from their participation in the DAO through voting, discussions, and performance. The "reputation score" is our way of rewarding members who have an active, positive impact on the DAO. The "reputation score" is not just an aesthetic that comes with perks, it influences the weight of your vote inside the DAO. The higher your "reputation score", the more weight your vote carries. It is a natural incentive that feeds the growth and participation in the Franken DAO.
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