Franken DAO
Note from the Team

Despite the Rocky Road, This has always been the Path.

Dear FrankenPunks Community,
From Day 1 of the FrankenPunks journey, we have pushed for creating and operating a decentralized community; one that was set up by the team but truly led by the community. This is one of the reasons why we decentralized the ownership of the four CryptoPunks we purchased, if you own a 3D FrankenPunk, you deserve to own parts of the CryptoPunks as well. The DAO now represents a full expansion of that idea, if you own a 3D FrankenPunk, you deserve partial ownership of the FrankenPunk assets and a hand in the direction of the project.
Up until this point, this vision hasn't been realized. The treasury assets have been owned in a Gnosis Wallet operated by the team. The team has made essentially all of the pivotal decisions for the project, and for the most part, they haven't turned out for the best. After coming to this realization, we had a hard look in the mirror. We never completed the initial, founding mission of the project - give the wheel to the community and become willing passengers on the ride.
The Franken DAO represents a new path forward for the FrankenPunks collection. One that the team is fully committed to bringing to life and fully participating in themselves. This type of DAO is also something rarely seen in the NFT space - one that is not meant to be an "investment club" or "venture" DAO but a development and grant-focused DAO. One that empowers our holders and gives them an opportunity to build inside the Web3 space. Continuing to build and innovate is exactly what the Web3 space and community needs from our project.
Lastly, the Franken DAO does not just engage members and drive participation, it ensures our legacy. A DAO lives on past its founders and past its early community members, it lives until its last member stops participating, which could be forever.
Long live the FrankenPunks and cheers to this new chapter of our project - we will be with you every step of the way.
Much Love,
Nelson, Dan, and the rest of the FrankenPunks Team
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